Winthrop-King Graduate
Conference Travel Grant



These awards are designed to enable current graduate students majoring in East Asian Studies, French, German, Italian, Slavic and Spanish French with an active assistantship in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics to present papers at national, regional, or international conferences, or to attend the MLA for job interviews.

In certain fields such as linguistics, applications in support of poster presentations at highly visible national or international conferences, will be considered where the applicant can show that the presentation has been accepted after peer review and will receive significant exposure during the conference.

Applications must be made for travel in the semester where the application is made.

Awards cannot be taken up after graduation from FSU

Awards will not be granted for study on programs which FSU prohibits or discourages its students from attending, e.g. on the grounds of U.S. State Department travel warnings; awards may be withdrawn at any time on the grounds of revised FSU advice or prohibition.

Awards are subject to the availability of funding and depends on the university guidance regarding funded travel.

Decisions are final.


Fall Conference Travel Deadline October 10, 2021

Spring and Summer Conference Travel Application deadline February 10, 2022

Applications may be made while awaiting acceptance of a conference paper proposal; if funding is awarded, this will be conditional upon presentation of documentation showing acceptance of your paper for inclusion in the conference program.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.


The grant awards will be no more than $600 for regional, national conferences or attendance at the MLA for job interviews and no more than $800 for international conferences. Lower limits may be set if required by funding constraints.

Applications to support the presentation of papers at conferences mainly featuring established scholars will be accorded higher priority.

The Winthrop King will fund no more than two conference travels per student per academic year.

Applications to support the presentation of papers in conferences consisting mainly or exclusively of graduate presentations will not be considered.


Upon completion of travel, Original Itemized travel receipts must be submitted to the Winthrop-King Offices for reimbursement. Only travel expenses approved by the University will be reimbursed.  Check the university travel guide


Before accessing the application page make sure you have the following information and documents:

  • Your EMPL ID
  • Name, location and dates of the conference you are presenting at.
  • Letter of acceptance or conference program showing your participation.
  • The Major Professor Approval and Assessment Form completed and signed by your professor. Note: Please right click on the link and select download. While completing the application there will be a location to upload the signed form.

Once these resources are gathered please access and complete "Graduate Conference Travel Award Application". All questions on the application must be completed, unless specifically stated as optional. Dates can be in any format.

Apply Here.

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